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IntelliAbility Skills
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IntelliAbility Grade K
IntelliAbility Level 1
IntelliAbility Level 2
IntelliAbility Level 3
IntelliAbility Level 4
IntelliAbility Level 5
IntelliAbility Pre-K
  IntelliAbility Grade K

 Fun with numbers:
Practise   A.01: Picture Based Counting - Up To 10 - Skill 1
Practise   A.02: Picture Based Counting - Up To 10 - Skill 2
Practise   A.03: Picture Based Counting - Up To 25 - Skill 1
Practise   A.04: Picture Based Counting - Up To 25 - Skill 2
Practise   A.05: What Number Should Come Next? - Up To 10
Practise   A.10: Picture Based Counting Word Problems - Skill 1
Practise   A.11: Picture Based Counting Word Problems - Skill 2
Practise   A.12: Picture Based Counting Word Problems - Skill 3
Practise   A.13: Which Number Is Greater -Skill 1
Practise   A.14: Which Number Is Greater -Skill 2
Practise   A.15: Which Number Is Greater -Skill 3
Practise   A.16: Which Number Is Greater -Skill 4
Practise   A.17: Which Number Is Lesser -Skill 1
Practise   A.18: Which Number Is Lesser -Skill 2
Practise   A.19: Which Number Is Lesser -Skill 3
Practise   A.20: Which Number Is Lesser -Skill 4
Practise   A.21: Mixed Comparisons-Skill 1
Practise   A.22: Mixed Comparisons-Skill 1
Practise   A.23: Number Comparisons (using <,>, Or = ) - Skill 1
Practise   A.24: Number Comparisons (using <,>, Or = ) - Skill 2
Practise   A.25: Number Comparisons (using <,>, Or = ) - Skill 3
Practise   A.26: Number Comparisons (using <,>, Or = ) - Skill 4
Practise   A.27: Comparison Of Numbers Up To 10
Practise   A.28: Comparison Of Numbers Up To 25
 Picture based brain development:
Practise   B.01: Understanding The Garden
Practise   B.02: Going To School
Practise   B.03: Understanding Traffic Signs
Practise   B.04: Playing Outside With Friends
Practise   B.05: Going To A Supermarket
Practise   B.06: Anticipating What Is Next?
Practise   B.07.01: Picture Sequencing - Skill 1
Practise   B.08: What Is Missing In A Picture?
Practise   B.09: Picture Logic - What Does Not Happen?
Practise   B.10.01: Matching Pairs - Assessment 1
Practise   B.10.02: Matching Pairs - Assessment 2
Practise   B.10.03: Matching Pairs - Assessment 3
Practise   B.10: Matching Pictures
Practise   B.12: Cognitive Development - Skill 2
Practise   B.13: Cognitive Development - Skill 3
Practise   B.14: Cognitive Development - Skill 4
Practise   B.15: Cognitive Development - Skill 5
Practise   B.21: Jigsaw Puzzle- Skill 1
Practise   B.22: Jigsaw Puzzle- Skill 2
Practise   B.23: Jigsaw Puzzle- Skill 3
Practise   B.24: Jigsaw Puzzle- Skill 4
Practise   B.25: Measurement- Skill 1
Practise   B.29: Match The Shadow - Assessment 1
Practise   B.30: Match The Shadow - Assessment 2
 Vocabulary Development:
Practise   C.01: Words Starting With Specific Letters - Skill 1
Practise   C.02: Words Starting With Specific Letters - Skill 2
Practise   C.03: Words Ending With Specific Letters - Skill 1
Practise   C.04: Words Ending With Specific Letters - Skill 2
Practise   C.05: Spotting Words In A Picture
Practise   C.06: Understanding Animals
Practise   C.07: Rhyming Words - Skill 1
Practise   C.09: Rhyming Animals
Practise   C.10: Rhyming Toys
Practise   C.11: Complete The Word In The Pictures
Practise   C.12: Understanding Professions - Skill 1
Practise   C.14: Matching Words
Practise   C.16: Understanding Opposites Using Pictures
 Spatial reasoning:
Practise   D.01: Understanding Left, Middle And Right Using Pictures
Practise   D.03: Understanding Above And Below Using Pictures
Practise   D.05: Understanding Towards And Away Using Pictures
Practise   D.06: Count The Total Number Of Triangles
Practise   D.18: Find The Similar Outline
Practise   D.19: Find The Similar Outline
Practise   E.01: Telling Time To The Hour
Practise   F.01: Picture Comparison- Skill 1
Practise   F.02: Picture Comparison- Skill 2
Practise   F.18:One, Few And Many- Skill 1
 Thinking Skills:
Practise   G.01: Identify Patterns: Skill 1
Practise   G.02: Identify Patterns: Skill 2
 Observation Skills:
Practise   I.01: Follow The Lead
Practise   J.02: Find The Right Sequence


Total Skills: 75


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