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Reading and Language Skills
Practice Skills:  Time Bound    Time Bound Skills:  Time Bound 

Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6
Grade K
Grade Pre-K
  Grade K

Practise   A.01: Review Of Beginning Sounds From B To F - Assessment 1
Practise   A.02: Review Of Beginning Sounds From B To F - Assessment 2
Practise   A.03: Review Of Beginning Sounds From G To K - Assessment 1
Practise   A.04: Review Of Beginning Sounds From G To K - Assessment 2
Practise   A.05: Review Of Beginning Sounds From L To P - Assessment 1
Practise   A.06: Review Of Beginning Sounds From L To P - Assessment 2
Practise   A.07: Review Of Beginning Sounds From Q To T - Assessment 1
Practise   A.08:Review Of Beginning Sounds From Q To T - Assessment 2
Practise   A.09: Review Of Beginning Sounds From V To Z - Assessment 1
Practise   A.13: Review Of Beginning Sounds From A To Z - Assessment 3
Practise   A.15: Ending Consonant Sounds - Assessment 2
Practise   A.18: Ending Consonant Sounds - Assessment 5
 Phonics: Short Vowels:
Practise   B.01: Short Vowel A - Assessment 1
Practise   B.02: Short Vowel ' A ' - Assessment 2
Practise   B.04: Short Vowel ' E '- Assessment 1
Practise   B.07: Short Vowel ' I ' - Assessment 1
Practise   B.10: Short Vowel O - Assessment 1
Practise   B.16: Fill In The Missing Vowel
Practise   B.17: Review On Vowels
Practise   B.18: Review On Consonants
Practise   B.19: Vowel Sounds - Pick The Odd One Out
Practise   B.20: Vowel Sounds With Pictures
 Phonics - Long Vowels:
Practise   C.01: Long Vowel A - Assessment 1
Practise   C.02: Long Vowel A - Assessment 2
Practise   C.04: Long Vowel E - Assessment 2
Practise   C.12: Long Or Short Vowel - Assessment 2
 Initial Consonant Clusters:
Practise   D.01: Initial Consonant Clusters Bl,Br
Practise   D.02: Initial Consonant Clusters Cl,Cr
Practise   D.03: Initial Consonant Clusters Dr,Kn
Practise   D.04: Initial Consonant Clusters Fl,Fr
Practise   D.05: Initial Consonant Clusters Gl, Gr
Practise   D.06: Initial Consonant Cluster Pl, Pr
Practise   D.08: Initial Consonant Cluster Sm, Sn, Sp
Practise   D.09: Initial Consonant Cluster Spl, Spr, Squ
Practise   D.10: Initial Consonant Cluster St, Str, Sw
Practise   D.11: Review On The Initial Consonant Cluster - Test 1
 Final Consonant Cluster:
Practise   E.05: Review On Final Consonant Cluster- Assessment 1
Practise   H.01: Get Your Spellings Right - Assessment 1
Practise   H.04: Get Your Spellings Right - Assessment 4
Practise   H.05: Get Your Spellings Right - Assessment 5
Practise   H.06: Spell The Tricky Words
 Grammar Usage:
Practise   J.01: Naming Words- Assessment 1
Practise   J.02: Naming Words - Assessment 2
Practise   J.03: Naming Words - Assessment 3
Practise   J.05: Action Words - Assessment 1
Practise   J.07: Action Words - Assessment 3
Practise   J.09: Describing Words - Assessment 1
Practise   J.10: Describing Words - Assessment 2
Practise   J.11: Describing Words - Assessment 3
Practise   J.15: Use Of His/her - Assessment 1
Practise   J.19: Use Of This /These - Assessment 1
Practise   J.21: Using A /An - Assessment 1
Practise   J.22: Using A/An - Assessment 2
Practise   J.24: Use Of Has/Have
 Reading Comprehension:
Practise   A Carrot For My Rabbit
Practise   A Hot Day
Practise   Baby Sitting
Practise   Ben-The Dog
Time Bound   Big Car-Small Car
Practise   Birthday Blast
Practise   Daisy, The Cuckoo
Practise   Duke Gets A Bath
Practise   Father's Day
Time Bound   Fishing With Dad
Practise   Ice-cream
Practise   My Dear Grandpa
Practise   My Lovely Family
Practise   Rainy Day
Time Bound   Talking Doll
Practise   The Animals Party
Practise   The Cat Chase
Total Skills: 71


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