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Reading and Language Skills
Practice Skills: Time Bound   Time Bound Skills: Time Bound 

Active And Passive Voice
Alphabet Recognition
Alphabetical Order
Cause And Effect
Compound Words
Direct And Indirect Speech
Final Consonant Cluster
Forming Sentences
Grammar Usage
Initial Consonant Clusters
K Concepts
Language Concepts - Spelling
Language Concepts - Syllables And Rhyming Words
Olympiad Practice
One And Many
Phonics - Long Vowels
Phonics - Short And Long Vowels
Phonics: Beginning Sounds
Phonics: Ending Sounds
Phonics: Short Vowels
Picture Vocabulary
PreK Concepts - Opposites
PreK Concepts - Rhyming Words
Reading Comprehension
Reading Comprehension For Character Development
Reading Skills
Standardized Mock Tests
Subject And Predicate
Subject/Verb Agreement
Vocabulary Development
Vocabulary Enhancement
  Reading Comprehension

  Grade 1:
Practise   2.024: My Messy Room
Practise   2.039: Porridge Never Tasted So Good
Practise   2.040: Stella is Ready
Practise   2.041: A visit to the farm
Time Bound   2.042: Joy - The Sportsman
Practise   2.043: Ruff Takes a Bath
Practise   2.044: Dining Together
Practise   2.045: The Adventure Trip
Practise   2.046: Birthday Boy Sam
Practise   2.047: Amy Goes Shopping
Practise   2.048: Visit to a dentist
Practise   2.051: Balanced diet
Practise   2.052: Hummingbird
Practise   2.053: Junk Food
Practise   Healthy Habits
Practise   Mammals
Practise   Parts Of A Plant
  Grade 2:
Practise   R.01: Our Sense Organs
Practise   R.04: A New Year at a New School
Practise   R.08: Hot Air Balloon
Practise   R.09: How to make a Xylophone?
Practise   R.10: Mosquito Menace
Practise   R.11: Origami
Practise   R.12: Ostrich - The Largest Bird
Practise   R.13: Elephants
Practise   R.14: Parrot - The Mimic Bird
Practise   R.15: Pentaceratops
Practise   R.16: Star Fish
Practise   R.17: Submarine
Practise   R.18: The Peacock
Practise   R.19: Thermometer
Practise   R.20: Tyrannosaurus Rex
Practise   R.21: What are cavities?
Practise   R.22: What Goes Up Must Come Down
Practise   R.23: Zebras
  Grade 3:
Practise   3.01: Johnny's Big Brother
Practise   3.02: Visiting the Museum
Practise   3.03: Going to the Library
Practise   3.04: Butterflies
Time Bound   3.05: Grandpa's Tractor
Practise   3.06: Ladybugs
Practise   3.07: Andrew's New Scooter
Practise   3.08: Nelson's New Room
Practise   3.09: The Smiths Move
Time Bound   3.100: Maria Cooks Tacos
Practise   3.101: Stonehenge
Practise   3.102: Anna's Haircut
Practise   3.103: Leonardo da Vinci
Practise   3.104: Nick Learns to Juggle
Time Bound   3.105: Aztec Pyramids
Practise   3.106: English Chunnel
Practise   3.107: Kevin's Hiking Day
Practise   3.108: Michelangelo
Practise   3.10: Praying Mantis
Time Bound   3.11: The Big Dipper
Practise   3.12: Carolyn Keene and Nancy Drew
Practise   3.13: Teddy Bears
Practise   3.14: Walt Disney
Practise   3.15: Fairytales
Time Bound   3.16: Lena Takes Art Classes
Practise   3.17: The Jones Family Vacation
Practise   3.18: Shel Silverstein - Poet
Practise   3.19: Happy Mother's Day
Practise   3.20: Cooking with Grandma
Practise   3.22: Mary Pope Osborne and The Magic Treehouse Series
Practise   3.23: Sharks
Practise   3.24: Joey's New Bike
Practise   3.25: Painting With Susie
Practise   3.27: A Day at the Beach
Practise   3.28: A Hiking Adventure
Practise   3.30: Driving in Dad's Big Truck
Time Bound   3.31: Going to Town
Practise   3.32: My New Neighbors
Practise   3.33: Hannah's Piano Lesson
Practise   3.34: George Joins the School Band
Time Bound   3.36: Going For a Walk
Practise   3.37: The Park Playground
Practise   3.38: The Talent Show
Practise   3.40: Plays
Practise   3.42: Lucy's Playdate with Tara
Practise   3.44: The Wishing Fountain
Practise   3.45: Poetry
Time Bound   3.46: The Wright Brothers
Practise   3.47: Mount Everest
Practise   3.48: Windmills
Time Bound   3.51: Fiction
Practise   3.57: Non-Fiction
Practise   3.64: Fishing Day
Practise   3.65: Frogs
Practise   3.75: Bats
Practise   3.78: Beethoven
Time Bound   3.79: Deep Sea Vents
Practise   3.80: Olivia's New Dress
Practise   3.81: Joe's New Soccer Ball
Practise   3.82: Mozart
Practise   3.83: Andrew's Motorized Car
Time Bound   3.84: The Hoover Dam
Practise   3.85: Lorna and Her Pet Fish
Practise   3.86: The Great Wall of China
Practise   3.87: Dane's Remote Control Airplane
Practise   3.88: The Panama Canal
Time Bound   3.89: Tony's Glider
Practise   3.90: Frank Sinatra
Practise   3.91: Susie's New Bunny
Practise   3.93: Peter's New Friend
Time Bound   3.94: Magellan
Practise   3.95:The Grand Canyon
Practise   3.96: The Great Barrier Reef
Practise   3.97: Marco Polo
Practise   3.98: Ryan's Dodgeball Adventure
Time Bound   3.99: Cape Horn
Practise   My cat
  Grade 4:
Practise   Billy's Beach Trip
Practise   Camouflage
Practise   Heart
Practise   How does a flower grow?
Practise   Our Solar System
Practise   Reading
Practise   Snail's Family Outing
Practise   The United Nations
Practise   Volcanoes
  Grade 5:
Practise   Ambition
Practise   Berry Tasty Muffins
Practise   Emily's Predicament
Practise   Lie
Practise   Mahatma Gandhi
Practise   Moonlit beach
Practise   Nicole's Morning Blues
Practise   The Kids Couldn't Go Home
Practise   There Is No One Left
  Grade K:
Practise   A carrot for my rabbit
Practise   A Hot day
Practise   Baby Sitting
Practise   Ben-The dog
Time Bound   Big Car-Small Car
Practise   Birthday Blast
Practise   Daisy, The Cuckoo
Practise   Duke gets a bath
Practise   Father's Day
Time Bound   Fishing with Dad
Practise   Ice-cream
Practise   My Dear Grandpa
Practise   My Lovely Family
Practise   Rainy Day
Time Bound   Talking Doll
Practise   The Animals party
Practise   The Cat Chase
  Grade Pre-K:
Practise   A Birthday Party
Practise   A Family Picnic
Practise   A Pond Scene
Practise   A Rainy day
Practise   Caterpillar
Practise   Monkey
Practise   The Park Scene


Total Skills: 154


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