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Accelerated Reading (AR) Tests
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  Level 1

Practise   Scooby-Doo! The Ghost Town Mystery, By Jo Hurley
Practise   The Big Bad Blizzard, By Gail Herman
 Comedy and Humor:
Practise   Book! Book! Book!, By Deborah, Bruss
Practise   I Was So Mad, By Mercer Mayer
Practise   Bolt : My Hero, By Apple Jordan
Practise   Lilo And Stitch : Go Stitch Go!, By Monica Kulling
 Science Fiction:
Practise   Star Wars - The Clone Wars, Pirates And Worse!, By Simon Beecroft
 General Fiction:
Practise   Barbie - A Fashion Fairytale, By Adapted By Mary Man-Kong
Practise   Barbie - I Can Be A Ballerina, By Christy Webster
Practise   Barbie - On Your Toes, By Apple Jordan
Practise   Christmas Wishes, By Gail Herman
Practise   Dinosaur Time, By Peggy Parish
Practise   Fancy Nancy Pajama Day, By Jane O'Connor
Practise   Friends Forever, By Melissa Lagonegro
Practise   Harry And His Bucket Full Of Dinosaurs, By R. Schuyler Hooke
Practise   Home, Stinky Home, By Melissa Lagonegro
Practise   May I Please Have A Cookie?, By Jennifer E. Morris
Practise   Meet The Robinsons - A Family For Lewis, By Adapted By Sadie Chesterfield
Practise   Pokemon Battle Dimension - Triple Trouble, By Simcha Whitehill
Practise   Pooh's Christmas Sled Ride, By Isabel Gaines
Practise   Thomas And Percy And The Dragon, By Rev. W. Awdry
Practise   Tiny Tilda's Pumpkin Pie, By Susan Kantor
Practise   When The TV Broke, By Harriet Ziefert
Practise   Cool Chameleons, By Fay Robinson
Practise   Biscuit, By Alyssa Satin Capucilli
Practise   Hello Kitty Ice Skating Princess, By Maria S. Barbo
Practise   Slower Than A Snail, By Anne Schreiber
 Animal Stories:
Practise   Glasses For D.W., By Marc Brown
 Phonics Reader:
Practise   Silly Sara, By Anna Jane Hays
 Early Reading:
Practise   Diesel 10 Means Trouble, By Britt Allcroft
Practise   Dora's Picnic, By Christine Ricci
Practise   Good Night Sleepyhead, By 
Practise   Olivia And Her Ducklings, By Eryk Casemiro
Practise   Olivia Goes To The Library, By Eryk Casemiro
Practise   Olivia Plays Soccer, By Pat Resnick
Practise   Olivia Takes A Trip, By Eric Shaw
Practise   The Bambi Book, By Unknown
Practise   The Great Race, By Rev. W. Awdry
Practise   The Perfect Dress, By Melissa Lagonegro
Practise   Trouble At The Krusty Krab, By Adapted By Steven Banks
Total Skills: 40


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